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Alexandre Criès, ice dancer

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From lectures to the pool: a synchronised path for Lila!

Lila Meesseman-Bakir is a member of the French duo of the synchronised swimming team of France, which will represent France at the next Olympic Games in Peking. A student in year three of a bachelor’s degree in chemistry, she tells us about her life both as a student and a high-level athlete. ‘Reconciling ...

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Alexandra Criès, ice dancer

Alexandra Criès

Alexandra Criès is a third year bachelor’s degree student of life sciences and an ice dancer.

‘At first, I came to UPMC because I wanted to study biology and because the university has made a lot of advances in this field. It was only when I arrived at UPMC that I discovered the kind of support that was available specifically to students who are also high-level athletes. It’s nice to be able to manage my timetable in this way : remedial courses, rescheduled examinations, my particular needs are catered for.

I do ice dancing and I really need time to train ! All the more so because I’m hoping to win the French championships this year, like I did in 2005 and 2007. From a professional point of view, I would like to sit the CAPES exam (a state exam for secondary school teaching), even the agrégation exam (a higher level state exam for secondary school teaching) in life sciences, and as for sports, when I stop competing I plan to join an ice ballet troupe that produces shows in France and abroad.’


French champion in 2007
3rd in 2006 French championships
French champion in 2005