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Internet at the Faculty of Medicine

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Internet at the Faculty of Medicine

The Faculty of Medicine (Faculté de Médecine Pierre et Marie Curie) is located on two sites: the Pitié-Salpêtrière (for PCEM1 (1st year), DCEM2 (4th year), DCEM3 (5th year) and DCEM4 (6th year)) and the Saint-Antoine (PCEM2 (2nd year), DCEM1 (3rd year) and DCEM4 (6th year)) sites.
Each site has two self-service computer rooms, with some forty computers using Windows, and Wifi zones.
Closed-circuit television (Iris-TV) broadcasts useful information in the halls for students.
All PCEM1, PCEM2 lectures and some from DCEM1 are available in real and/or delayed time on monUPMC.