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University Preventive Medicine Service

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University Preventive Medicine Service

The UPMC University Preventive Medicine and Health Promotion Service (Service universitaire de médecine préventive et de promotion de la santé) comprises secretaries, psychologists and doctors.  Are you worried about your health, uncertain about your life balance?  Do you have questions about your social life, concerns about your future?

Make an appointment with the SUMPPS secretaries on +33 (0)140 51 10 00 from Monday to Friday, between 9 a.m. and 12 p.m. and 2 and 4.30 p.m.

Miss Gorat Cardoso and Mrs Badra Mohajri and visit 15 rue de l’Ecole de Médecine, Staircase G (métro Odéon).


If you are registering at UPMC for the first time, you will receive an appointment for a medical examination in the year.  It is vital that you attend this medical examination and bring your health and vaccination record with you.  You can change this appointment by telephone (as soon as possible) if the time is not appropriate or contact us by email at the following address: sumpps@upmc.fr
In addition to this consultation activity the SUMPPS works in a network, with the specificity of its practice, with the aim of improving your living and studying conditions:


Appointments on +33 (0)140 51 10 00
Service psychologists: Miss Brigitte Lochon and Mr Pedro Pereira
The service doctors carry out vaccinations free of charge:
The Diptheria-Tetanus-Polio booster is compulsory every ten years after the age of eighteen.
Rubella: for students that have not had their booster.
For medical students and students in paramedical disciplines that must visit the hospital, the 2004 vaccination schedule makes vaccinations against tuberculosis (former BCG) and Hepatitis B (three injections) compulsory (except on specific medical grounds).  Find out about these vaccinations at the service


AP Voyages Paris
Hôpital de la Pitié Salpétrière: +33 (0)145 85 90 21
Paris Santé-Voyages
Hôpital Bichat-Claude Bernard: +33 (0)140 25 88 86
Institut Pasteur or on +33 (0)145 68 81 98 (answering service)
Also, visit the government website and the INPES website (Themes>vaccination) (Institut national de prévention et d’éducation pour la santé; French national institute of prevention and education for health)


In partnership with the department of sports, the SUMPPS issues medical fitness certificates at a medical examination consisting of questions and a clinical examination and verification of there being no medical grounds to prevent you practicing a sport.  Note: Some sports require a specific medical examination (sports doctor or registered doctor): combat sports in which 'knockout' is authorised, underwater sports, air sports, mechanical sports (motorcycling, etc.), mountaineering and sports using fire arms.


Contraception, gynaecology, sexuality: Dr Bérangère Porret
Diet and nutrition: Dr Philippe Soubrier
Hepatitis and Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs): Dr Christian Regnier
Sexually Transmitted Diseases and tabacco addiction: Dr Christian Regnier
Sports Medicine:
Occupational Medicine and Occupational risks: Dr Françoise Albertin


A medical certificate issued by the service is essential to be able to receive special exam conditions.  This certificate must be submitted to the Disability Support Service (Relais Handicap Santé), which is responsible for the practical management of these special provisions and for assisting you if you find limitations on the campus and in your studies due to a disability.  You must take all of the key elements of you medical record to the consultation.
This certificate is not issued or renewed automatically since disability and, above all illnesses, evolve as does the patient.  The SUMPPS is obviously conscious of the psychological dimension of illness and disability and the doctor will propose, in a certain number of cases, that the student is seen by one of the service psychologists. 
The SUMPPS also works toward ensuring student equality, in other words, that students can follow their studies and sit their exams without positive or negative discrimination, by ensuring, as much as possible, that students are not labelled.  In every instance, confidentiality is a key value for the practitioners; the medical certificate does not mention the reason for the special provision, whether it is approved or otherwise.


Contraception, pregnancy termination, sexuality Fil Santé jeunes or 0800 235 236 (free phone).  With a forum, documentation and personal accounts, this site provides a wealth of information!
Medical answers, managing illnesses and addresses: 0825 08 90 90 (calls charged at 0.99 F/min.).  You can also visit the pilado website
French Family Planning Movement (Mouvement français pour le planning familial)
10 rue Vivienne 75002 Paris Tel. +33 (0)142 60 93 20
Tour Mantoue 94 Bd Masséna 75013 Paris Tel. +33 (0)145 84 28 25


Freefone: Aids Info Service 0800 840 800
Hepatitis freefone: Hepatitis Info Service 0 800 8455 800. You can also visit the crips (Centres régionaux d’information et de prévention du sida; Regional Centres for Aids Information and Prevention) website.