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Emergency Financial Aid

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Emergency Financial Aid

Delayed grant payment, suspended family aid, etc. are all reasons for applying for emergency financial aid (aide financière d’urgence) with the counsellors.

University Solidarity FundThe University Solidarity Fund (Fonds de Solidarité Universitaire) takes the form of loans against grants or donations and applications are examined by a social equality committee.  They are limited to one application per student throughout their education; please do not hesitate to contact the counsellors if it is a renewed application.

Information is available on the Cnous website
Visit the counsellors at the Registrar's Office (Service de la scolarité) / building J, at the entrance to Jussieu campus, on the right, 4, place Jussieu 75005 Paris
Mrs Plancel - Tel. +33 (0)144 27 21 47
Mrs Tossah - Tel. +33 (0)144 27 39 48
Mrs Seradin - Tel. +33 (0)144 27 35 05