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Grants based on social criteria

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Grants based on social criteria

To give you a helping hand in the right direction toward managing your studies, you can apply for a grant awarded on the basis of social criteria.  You must check all of the conditions.

For French students, this aid is allocated to undergraduate or Masters-level students and students preparing for national competitive examinations (agrégation[1]Nouvelle fenêtre, CAPES[2]Nouvelle fenêtre, ect.) and under 28 years old, according to their parents' income.

Applicants are sent a form that they must return as indicated.  Grant holders are exempt from paying tuition fees and from paying contributions to the student social security scheme.

For international students, this aid is allocated to those that have been residing in France with their family for at least the past two months and on proof of belonging to the parental household, and to political refugees and stateless people with an OFPRANouvelle fenêtre (Office français de protection des réfugiés et des apatrides; French office for the protection of refugees and stateless persons) card.

The right to a grant is assessed according to the family's and student's resources, dependents and the personal situation of the student.  Credit criteria may open the right to particular benefits (additional credit for students with a distinction in the Baccalauréat and for undergraduate degree holders enrolling on a Masters programme);

Amount 2007-2008: From €1,389 for the 1st level to €3,921 for the 6th level.  This sum includes the travel supplement given to all higher education grant holders.  Grants are awarded for one year and are not renewed automatically.  Those from the European Union may apply for this grant if their father, mother or legal guardian have worked in France or still live there on the 1st October of the year on which the grant allocation is based.

How to apply
Applications or renewals must be submitted between the 15 January and the 30 April of the year preceding registration: https://dse.orion.education.fr/depotNouvelle fenêtre

[1]Nouvelle fenêtre Agrégation: A state competitive examination for various positions within the public education system.

[2]Nouvelle fenêtre Certificat d’aptitude au professorat de l’enseignement du second degré: A state competitive examination to become a fully qualified teacher.