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Pharmacologie clinique et expérimentale
  This is a specialization of the master's degree in Integrative Biology and Physiology . The aim of pharmacology is to discover medicinal drugs and to study their properties and the effect they...
Medical Engineering specialization (M2)
AVAILABLE IN 2010 Medical engineering (IM) combines technology with medical practice, technology playing an increasingly important role in disease management and becoming a major economic activity....
Molecular Chemistry specialization (M2)
Molecular chemistry is at the crossroads of contemporary science marked by an increasing miniaturization. Its object of study is the molecule, which represents the common base of the sciences of the...
Strategic Marketing and Healthcare specialization (M2)
Course organized in partnership with CFA UPMC This course is intended for doctors, pharmacists, dental surgeons, veterinary surgeons, biologists, university and business school graduates who have...
Physiology and physiopathology specialization
This is a specialization of the master's degree in Integrative Biology and Physiology. This specialization aims to give students a precise understanding of modern animal physiology and of the...