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Bachelor of Life Sciences
The objective of this bachelor’s degree is to allow students to acquire solid scientific knowledge for a real understanding of the living things. This also involves the teaching of biology and the...
Physiology and physiopathology specialization
This is a specialization of the master's degree in Integrative Biology and Physiology. This specialization aims to give students a precise understanding of modern animal physiology and of the...
First year : integration cycle
The first year of a science and technology licence is a year of integration and orientation where students have a multi-disciplinary choice of courses before focusing on a more specialised course of...
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology specialization (M2)
The “Biochemistry and Molecular Biology” specialization allows students from scientific and medical fields to acquire methodological and conceptual expertise in different areas of biochemistry:...
Biology and physiology of organisms specialization
This is a specialization of the master's degree of Integrative Biology and Physiology. This course, which covers both plant and animal biology, uses an integrated approach incorporating...